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The Interavia I-3 advanced features

The two seat aerobatic airplane I-3 (or SP-95 as it is also called) was designed for aerobatic pilot training and participation in aerobatic championships including the European and World championships by the same designer who was responsible for the SU-26.

High aerodynamic performances and high roll rate provide this airplane with capability to demonstrate all the unlimited aerobatics programs in both the one and the two place configuration. The incredible airframe strength allows a –9g to +11g load in the two seat configuration and a –10g to +12g load in the single seat configuration.

A one piece wing was made with multi spar construction. Damage of a spare will not cause a structural failure. The wing attaches to the fuselage at 4 points and if one point is damaged the wing will still carry its full g-load capacity.

The fixed position flapperons that are installed on the wing provide increased aerobatic capability in both upright and inverted flight.

The airplane is powered by the proven combination consisting of the 360hp M-14P radial engine and the three bladed Mühlbauer MTV-9 propeller.

The airplane is to be imported to Switzerland where final assembly will take place. This means that the assembly of the airframe, additional instrumentation and the paint job according to customer desire as well as all the system checks will be done by experienced Swiss people. This assures that every plane will come in a high standard regarding safety, performance and appearance! The airplane will come with an engine tool kit, spares kit, canopy covers, air box and chocks. It has a one and a two place configuration depending upon the canopy being used. Both are included with the airplane. The planes come with a Russian registration and we will get you your Russian license to fly it..

There is a wide range of options available including the 405 hp M-14PF engine and so on. The price of this airplane is extremely competitive to anything else that is on the market today and is in the same league. You will get a lot of airplane for a small price!

Depending on the options you choose the price will be around $120'000 for this airplane.