Alec's modeling page

Hi. No-way, the roots of the big aviation origin here!!!

  Obviously my favorite flying models class is the R/C. Most of all I like to create them from scratch. The white/blue model at left is completely designed by me. There are many others, but recently the distance between the nose and the tail was changed enough that you can't recognize what actually you're looking at. The performing of aerobatics with R/C model gives exceptional feeling.
  This photo /left/ is from a local championship where we won the first place. But I do not participate in competitions very often. Besides making R/C models I have some line controlled F2D, scale models. I like to make non flying scale models too. Some of them are in the Krumovo Museum of Aviation /see the museum page through back to the main page. I have some experience in the rocketry too. If you lake to discuss something you are always welcome!

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