Alec's flying page

Hello, do you wanna take a ride with me?

OK, than fasten your belts and go,

I'll show you some sights from around. We can fly with few different planes. Let's start with the ZLIN 526-F "Trener".

  ....."clear", start and ready to take off. The foreseat of the "Trener" is reserved for you.Here the pilots seat is the rear one. I like this plane very much. It is a great pleasure to fly with it. Relatively hight glider ratio combined with the aerobatic capabilities.... you know. I think it is one of the most friendly tail wheel planes!

Here you can see my town from above. It is the south-west part of it called "Smirnenski". I took this picture while flying Yak-52, enroute from one club to another.

  Let's go on with Yak-52.

It has 360HP engine, which gives the oportunity to perform very good aerobatics. In the past the Russian team has participated in some championships with it. The flight looks very high but it is at 1000 feet, and the gear is retractible at all!

Here you can see me in Zlin-50LS - great aeroplane with amazing performance. It is a prize winner in the aerobatics too.  


  We can approach the runway even with Boeing 737-500. I am proud to say it is my photo again!
And after the landing, I often relax on the wing. It is good to think a little about the flight after all. I hope you will be back here, for more flying! Chao  

  OOPS, I just steped over the windshield of this unfortune PZL-104 "Wilga-35A". Later I repaired it and now it is still flying with almost no airflow inside the cabin.

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