Hand Launch Glider "Contender"

During the design of this model the main concerns were: competition class glider, good penetration against the wind, excellent maneuverability, and little drag. The model can compete in the "unlimited" category, if a wing extension is added. The test and the experience of the contests show, the model can easily achieve flight time of 70 sec. It soars well even in the weakest thermals. Training starts can be made with a classic rubber band launcher.

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Wingspan 1495 mm
Length 940 mm
Weight 350 g
Wing Area 26 sq. dm
Wing Aspect Ratio 9
Wing Loading 13.5 g/sq. dm

The model is manufactured by a modern technology entirely of composites and it is delivered in completely finished main parts, in different colors. This makes the assembly easy to the beginners in the aeromodelism.

Contents of the pack:

1. Completed, ready to be assembled: wing root and wing tips.

2. Tail surfaces with ruddervators

3. Composite fuselage with integrated control rods, and canopy.

4. Stickers and manual instruction.

Kit price valid untill end of the current year : 57,90 USD. Shipment expences are not included in the kit price.

Contact address:

"M&B" Co. ,  Po. Box 20

Plovdiv 4023,   BULGARIA

Fax: (++359) 32 864503




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